Lovely sweet pink, you'll fall in love with it (sold out)
Free size - suitable for S, M & L
Available in pink, grey and black
Price : RM47/-

One lil two lil three lil cutie cats, i like this a lot
Available in white, grey & black (sold out)
Suitable for M size
Price : RM47/-

A simple baby-doll tops with eye-lets design at the collar
and bottom, very comfy fabric
Available in white, light brown and black (sold out)
Free size - suitable for S, M & L
Price : RM47/-

Looking for something less formal working outfit? (sold out)
Try this one, simply goes well with anything
Available in grey & black
Suitable for S size
Price : RM52/-

This simple knitted top is great to wear for work (sold out)
or casual, the bows at the sleeves make you look sweet
Available in grey only
Suitable for S & M size
Price : RM52/-

Never get enuf of stripes!!Knitted but light & breathable fabric
The butterfly sleeves design is great for hiding wat one needs to lose
Available in black(sold) , grey (one left) & naby blue stripes (sold)
Free size - suitable for S, M & L size
Price : RM52/-


  1. mom2ashley said...

    i like the simple knitted ya..too bad it's sold out!:)  


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