Charming necklace, high quality marble stones
Price : RM60/-

Fan-sy elegant earrings (sold)
Price : RM45/-

Unique duo colour (sold)
Price : RM34/-

Cutie mini bag & mirror in black & white (sold)
Price : RM40/-

Silver floral design
Price : RM45/- (Sold)

Milky colour with different design each side
Price : RM45/- (sold)

Unique design with simple black & white duo colour
Price : RM45/- (sold)


  1. Angeleyes said...

    WOW!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

    Am I the first to comment???? So got discount???? hehhehe  

  2. Miabikini said...

    Hey, there!

    Great accessories.

    Cute like a button!!! (It's an expression)..



  3. Mommy to Chumsy said... great to see your new store. Congrats!!!!! How enterprising :D Love it!  

  4. PapaJoneh said...

    Now this is cool. Got own online store already. hmm, interesting. Should I tell me wife about this or not.. should not, should, should not, should.. aiiyyyaaaahh.. can't decide.

    Anyway, congrats!!!! Don't accept paypal payment?  

  5. ~ Annie & Vivian ~ said...

    Angeleyes: 10Q 10Q!!!! So "give face" wor, 1st commentor! Got got got discount, come, tell me which one u like..

    miabikini: Thank you!

    mommy to chumsy: Thank you thank you! Come here more often ya ;)

    Papajoneh: Wow WOw Wow! Surprise to see ur comment here! Yes yes, please intro this link to ur wife..hehehehe. Paypal ar? lei, small biz only, and still very new.:(  


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