Tops (Refer to Discount Items)

Sunny bright yellow, make your day bright
Available in yellow(sold), white(sold), black(sold) & dark brown
Free size
Price : RM53/-

Twin cats with little bell
Available in yellow, grey & black (sold out)
Suitable for size S & M
Price : RM47/-

Comfy baby-doll blouse (sold out)
Available in very light grey, brown & black
Free size
Price : RM43/-

Knitted blouse, look at the special design on the sleeves (sold out)
Available in blue and black

Suitable for S & M size
Price : RM53/-

Metallic shinning colour, you can wear it as blouse with legging
or just wear it as a sexy dress (sold out)
Available in bronze & silver
Free size
Price : RM55/-


  1. huisia said...

    you know, those tops are so NICE!!!!  

  2. Annie Q said...

    Hui Sia: thanks.  


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