Tops (Refer to Discount Items)

Stripy comfy simple tops (sold out)
Available in navy blue & black stripes
Suitable for Large size
Price : RM67/-

Sassy v necks 'wa wa' blouse with knitted
design at the front and floral print body
Available in yellow green & soft purple floral print
Suitable for S size
Price : RM60/-

With pretty embroidery at the sleeves and
at the bottom (sold out)
Available in mustard yellow, grey & milky
Price : RM65/-

Comfortable free size with butterfly size (sold out)
Available in grey, black & white (accessories not included)
Suitable for large size
Price : RM60/-

'Princess look' blouse with pleated details at the front
Available in grey (sold), black (sold), navy blue and milky (sold)
All in free size
Price : RM88/- (accessories not included)

'Gal-next-to-door' like, curly sleeve,
pleated at the front, complete with lace at the bottom
Available in white only
Suitable for sizes M, L
Price : RM96/- (accessories not included)

Exquisite embroidery details at the front (come with matching belt)
Available in off white only
Suitable for sizes S, M, L (sold) & XL (sold)
Price : RM88/-


  1. huisia said...

    those tops really nice..
    i wonder i ngam or not...wooo  

  2. ~ Annie & Vivian ~ said...

    HuiSia: which one u eyeing on lei? I can tell u..whether ngam or not..hehehehe  


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