Jute Bag

This round we get something new, Jute Bag from India! Jute Bag also known as "Guni Bag", that said how last long the bag can be. Check out how they have come out with the nice & beautiful design on a simple "Guni Bag" to a beautiful bag.

1. Price - RM30/= (sold)

2. Price - RM40/=

3. Price - RM30/= (sold)

4. Price - RM32/=

5. Price - RM32/= (sold)

6. Price - RM40/= (sold)

7. Price - RM40/= (sold)

8. Price - RM40/=

9. Price - RM40/= (sold)


  1. William Winston said...

    I am really impressed by the work you did in this article. It’s great enough to pull my attention and in reading this article for once to understand that your pen is really mightier than the sword.

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