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Hi there ......
After a long long silence, a festive break, we're Back Basic Tee

10. Let the Mickey be with you for the Year of Rat
Available in Grey only (sold)
Suitable for M & L size
Price : RM47/-

11. Sparkling Twetty Bird eyes make you shine
Available in Off White & Black (sold out)
Free Size - Suitable for S & M
Price : RM38/-

12. Da Da ..... it's Mickey again
Available in White (sold), Grey (sold) & Green
Suitable for M & L size
Price : RM45/-

13. Beware Mickey, Cat is right here ....
Available in White , Green , Pink & Sweet Orange (sold out)
Free size - Suitable for S & M
Price : RM35/-

14. You're Numbered !!!
Available in Sweet Pink , White & Grey
(sold out)
Suitable for M & L & XL size
Price : RM50/-

15. One simple blouse but let's turn to the back!
Available in Pink Jambu & Green
(sold out)
Suitable for M & L size

Price: RM47/-

16. Document bag in white only
Price : RM60/- (sold)

17. Just a simple Birdy long blouse in Black only
Suitable for S & M & L size (sold out)
Price : RM50/-



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