Season of Celebration

55) Stylish Bling Bling Bag .... on your shirt
One Colour only, suitable for S, M & L
Price : RM45/-

52) Glittering Purse Tee
Available in White, Black & Red
Suitable for S, M, & L
Price : RM45/-

53) Soft Cotton Wrap Over Top
Available in Purple, Blue & Coffe Bean (all sold out)
Suitable for S, M & L
Price : RM58/- (include belt)

54) Trench Coat Design Dress with 2 Side Pockets
Available in Purple ,Red & Green (all sold out)
Suitable for M, L & XL
Price : RM63/-

55) Long Knitted Tops, One Colour only (sold)
Suitable for S & M size
Price : RM40/-



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