All must go!!!! 50% Less and EVEN MORE!

Sassy v necks 'wa wa' blouse with knitted
design at the front and floral print body
Available in yellow green (sold) & soft purple floral print
Suitable for S size
Price: Now at RM20/-

'Princess look' blouse with pleated details at the front
Available in black only

Suitable for S size
Price : Now at RM40/- (accessories not included) (sold out)

Gal-next-to-door' like, curly sleeve,
pleated at the front, complete with lace at the bottom
Available in white only,
Suitable in M & L size
Price : Now at RM35/- (accessories not included)

Exquisite embroidery details at the front (come with matching belt)
Available in off white only,
Suitable for sizes S, M
Price : Now at RM44/-

Beautiful print and soft fabric dress (sold out)
Available in green, milky , greyish blue
Suitable for S size
Price : Now at RM25/-

Very simple comfy piece with unique puffy sleeves
Available in white
Suitable for M size
Price : Now at RM37/- (accessories not included)

Sweet white dress with pretty embroidery
Available in white
Suitable for L Size
Price :
Now at RM40/-

Dinner dress with gems embroiled
Available in black & grey (sold)
Available for L sizes
Price : Now at RM40/- (accessories not included)

Elegant dinner dress with embroidery
Available in black & white
Available for size M & L
Price : Now at RM40/-

Never get enuf of stripes!!Knitted but light & breathable fabric
The butterfly sleeves design is great for hiding wat one needs to lose
Available in grey stripes only
Free size - suitable for S, M & L size
Price : Now at RM26/- (sold)

Sunny bright yellow, make your day bright
Available in dark brown only
Free size
Price : Now at RM26/-
(sold out)

2 in 1 pcs blouse
Free size - suitable S, M, L & XL
Available in peach colour stripes only
Price : Now at RM27/- (accessories not included) (sold)



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